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An improved window for your tradeskills (v0.4.4)

Advanced Trade Skill Window v0.4.4
a World of Warcraft UI Addon
written 2006 by Rene Schneider (Slarti on EU-Blackhand)

1. Installation
The installation of this addon works like the installation of many
other addons: extract the archive into your WoW directory (and make
sure that your unpacker uses the path names in the archive!) and have fun!

2. Commands
There are no commands - you just open your tradeskill window as you
always do. If this addon is enabled, it will replace the standard
tradeskill window.
Okay...there is actually one command:
/atsw [disable/enable] - This (typed while you have the window for a
trade skill opened) will enable or disable ATSW for the opened trade skill.
Most buttons in ATSW are self-explaining.
By clicking on an item with your chat line opened and your shift key pressed
ATSW will add a list of the reagents necessary to create a single item
to the chat line.
The "Reagents" button will show you a list of items needed to produce the
queued things. It will show you how many reagents you have in your inventory,
in your bank, on alternative characters on the same server and if a reagent
can be bought from a merchant. By clicking on the reagent count on alternative
characters, you get a list of all alts currently posessing the item in question.
ATSW can also automatically buy necessary items from a merchant when speaking to
him - either manually by clicking a button in the reagents window or
automatically when opening the merchant window.
ATSW has a powerful search function built-in. You can either just type some text
into the search box and have ATSW filter the recipe list according to your entry,
or you can use one of the following parameters:
:reagent [reagent name] - filters the list to only include items that need the
specified reagent
:minlevel [level] - filters the list to only include recipes for items with at
least the given level requirement
:maxlevel [level] - the same as minlevel, just the other way round
:minrarity [grey/white/green/blue/purple] - filters the list to only include recipes
for items with at least the given rarity
:maxrarity [grey/white/green/blue/purple] - should be self-explanatory
:minpossible [count] - filters the list to only include items that can be produced
at least [count] times with the material in your inventory
:maxpossible [count] - do I really need to explain this?
:minpossibletotal [count] - like minpossible, but considers material in your bank,
your alt's banks and buyable materials (actually it
depends on what you have activated in the options
:maxpossibletotal [count] - doh!
You can even combine multiple parameters and a text for a name search, like this:
"leather :minlevel 20 :minrarity green" - this will show you only recipes with the
word "leather" in their name, a minimum level requirement of 20 and a minimum rarity
of "green".

3. Compatibility
I know that this addon does prevent several additions to the standard
tradeskill window from working correctly. This is because ATSW is not a
simple addition to the tradeskill window but a replacement. I decided to do
it this way because I think Blizzards tradeskill window is ugly: it's way
too small and missing some essential functions for effectively dealing with
a long list of recipes.
ATSW is - however - explicitly compatible with ArmorCraft, LS3D craft info and
Fizzwidgets ReagentCost.

3. Changelog

- initial version

- fixed: pressing ESC now correctly closes the tradeskill window without
displaying "UNKNOWN" in the title
- fixed: pressing the tradeskill button again now correctly closes the
tradeskill window
- fixed: graphic errors in the window background
- fixed: sort type checkboxes showing the wrong sort type
- added: "filter" text input box for fast filtering of recipes
- fixed: cancellation of production if a newly produced part has not found
its way into the inventory yet (the whole production process
should now be much more stable and fault-tolerant)
- fixed: display of wrong possible item count (at least I hope this
problem is fixed now!)
- added: function to paste info about necessary reagents for a recipe
into the chat line
- changed: english button texts changed to use caps

- fixed: error in v0.1.1 that sometimes caused the tradeskill window to
lockup WoW

- fixed: another error in v0.1.2 that caused WoW lockups in certain
situations (hopefully the last error with such drastic consequences)
- fixed: a substantial mistake that sometimes caused ATSW to display the
wrong items necessary to produce something, to queue the wrong
items and to stop production when the recipe list was filtered.
- changed: reagents-to-chat function now posts each reagent in a single line
and the name of the recipe as well

- fixed: some minor bugs
- added: a new window that displays the reagents necessary to produce the
queued items. It also shows you how many of each reagent you have
in your inventory, on the bank and on alternative characters and
which reagent can be bought from a merchant.
- added: a function to automatically buy necessary reagents from merchants
- changed: you can now queue whatever you want - no matter if you have all
the reagents in your inventory or not

- fixed: items that are produced in stacks are now queued correctly
- fixed: items that are bought in stacks are now bought correctly
- fixed: leather transformations are now queued and executed correctly
- fixed: clicking the "reagents" button when the window is opened will now
correctly close the reagents window
- fixed: the "opening a different trade skill but still getting old list"-bug
has been fixed (at least I hope my fix was successful, as I have never
been able to really reproduce this exact bug)
- fixed: a bug that caused ATSW to queue parts incorrectly in certain situations
- changed: the "create all" button now only queues as many items as you can create
with the reagents currently in your inventory
- added: a tooltip for every single tradeskill that shows you how many items
can be created with the stuff currently in your inventory and which
reagents you need to produce one of the selected item (including a
list of the numbers of reagents you currently have in your inventory/
on your bank/on alternative characters).

- fixed: the "only one item is being produced" bug that came up together with
patch 1.10
This bug is due to a change in the UI API: Blizzard has made a hardware
input event mandatory for a successful execution of the DoTradeSkill()
function (this function actually starts production of an item).
Unfortunately they left this change undocumented. While I was able to
make ATSW produce multiple items of the same kind in a row without
user interaction, I am unable (because the API does not allow me to)
to make it produce different items in a queue without user interaction.
This fix adds a dialog box that pops up whenever a new item is being
produced. You have to manually click the "OK" button to start production.
This click on the button essentially supplies the needed hardware event.
- added: an option to turn the new tradeskill tooltips on and off
- added: another possibility to display possible item counts (an alternative
to the old method with slightly more information)

- fixed: the tradeskill list should now be updated with newly learned tradeskills
- fixed: this version now displays the correct version number
- fixed: ATSW should now buy the correct amount from merchants no matter how many
stacks you need to buy
- fixed: the "continue queue processing" window should now be displayed at the
correct time and not in the middle of production
- fixed: if you directly queue an item that is produced in stacks, ATSW will now
queue the correct number of stacks instead of queueing just a fraction
depending on the number of items produced in one stack
- added: the possibility to sort recipes by difficulty (color)
- fixed: Rugged Leather is now recognized correctly in the english language
- changed: The "order by"-setting is now saved once for every different character
and every different tradeskill
- added: you can now create your own recipe groups and sort your recipes the
way you like

- fixed: auto-buying from vendors should now buy the correct amount and not
double as much as needed
- fixed: some errors in the queueing functions that caused ATSW to sometimes
queue wrong item counts
- added: French translation (thanks to Nilyn)

- fixed: the problems with rogue poison creation (UI lags heavily when creating
and/or in combat when using rogue poisons on weapons) should now be fixed
- fixed: clicking on a category with the same name as a recipe in the sorting editor
will not remove this recipe from the categorized list anymore. In addition
to that, several problems that occured when categories had the same name
as recipes have been corrected. It should now be safe to create categories
with recipe names.
- fixed: the trade skill list should now be updated correctly when learning a new
recipe by "using" a recipe item
- fixed: seemingly random spamming of recipe requirements into chat when chatting
while simultaneously producing items
- fixed: several issues regarding the french localisation
- fixed: compatibility issues with the Bagnon/Banknon addon and other addons
that replace the Blizzard bank window
- fixed: an error in a core function that caused errors in buying stuff from vendors
and in the reagents list whenever you had multiple items in your queue in
a specific order
- added: a new autobuy button that is displayed within the merchant window whenever
you have recipes in your queue that need at least one reagent buyable at
the specific vendor
- fixed: the "ghost window" problems: the old tradeskill window still was
accessible on the screen even though it was not visible, therefore
clicking on the wrong place of your screen sometimes accidentially caused
errors within ATSW. The old window should now be inaccessible.

- fixed: the bank content information is now being saved correctly and will not be
deleted when your bag contents change
- added: full enchanting support!
- added: a new addition to the auction window: a shopping list that resembles the
reagents window on smaller space and lets you quickly search for reagents
in the auction house by just clicking on a reagent name
- fixed: the recipe radar bug should be fixed
- added: possibility to switch off ATSW for certain tradeskills
- added: more powerful search function (take a look at the readme for details!)

- fixed: a bug that caused ATSW to throw errors on line 602 in different circumstances

- fixed: some numbers (+/-) were displayed in the wrong color (green/red) under certain
- fixed: several bugs in the function to disable or enable ATSW for certain tradeskills
This should now work much better.
- fixed: added another fix for some more 602 errors (thanks XMinioNX!)
- fixed: pressing "stop processing" does now instantly cancel queue processing and does
leave the queued item counts untouched
- added: support for Fizzwidgets ReagentCost

- fixed: a bug that caused an error in line 839 when using ReagentCost and opening the
enchanting window without having opened the window of a different tradeskill
- fixed: the inventory slot and subclass filter settings are now saved per tradeskill
- fixed: some non-critical glitches in atsw_customsorting.xml that did throw errors
in the log file FrameXML.log
- fixed: the .toc does now contain the correct interface version number
- added: support for LS3D craft info
- added: support for ArmorCraft

- fixed: an error that came with 0.4.3: The recipes in the custom sorting editor window
are now displayed at the correct position
- changed: the queue will now be saved for every tradeskill and character when switching
skills and when logging in and out of the game

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