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Plays a sound and displays a message when you crit.

AllShot Alert (ALLSA)
Copyright 2006 by theArk0s

Based off "AimedShot Alert" code
copyright 2005 by malivil
Based off "Overpower Alert" code
copyright 2005 by Interceptor
Inspired by "Combat Sentry Gizmo" code
Additional credit to the "Boom - Head Shot!" guy for his tireless dedication to gaming - you inspire and terrify us all.

Readme File V 0.06-11100


AllShot Alert is the expansion of work done by a number of previous mods/coders (noted above). Essentially, it pops up an alert on your screen every time your attack crits (because hey - who doesn't love a good crit?). The initial version of the mod only alerted on Aimed Shot crits for hunters. This version has been significantly updated and expanded to handle all attacks (I think?) in the game, across classes. A few options have been added to make the mod more customizeable and can be listed from the command prompt. Plans in the future include adding more options and customizations to let end-users tweak more of the mod to their liking, a better UI, and more reporting/output options (at which point it may actually move to full v1.0 status!).

++ USAGE ++

Typing '/allsa' from the command prompt will bring up a list of options. Once ALLSA is loaded, the default settings will need to be updated to enable messaging/sounds/etc. based on use preferences. A limited GUI is available via '/allsa options'.


Version 0.07 (In Development)
-- Lots of Additional Code optimization
-- Review/Addition of additional class-specific attacks to make tool universal
-- Better/new UI
-- Reporting output options (chat, raid, guild, say, etc.)
-- User feature requests?
-- Additional Bug-fixing, etc.?

Version 0.06
-- Relatively major code optimization
-- Updated/improved sound files
-- Addition of additional class-specific attack tracking
-- Per character/class damage records, including attack used and target (first beta)
-- Minor Bug-fixing, etc.

Version 0.05
-- Further functionality enhancements
-- Per-character variable saving
-- Recording/storing of highest crit, attack, and target
-- First 'initial' release made available

Version 0.04
-- Functionality enhancements, re-coding of prior mod code
-- Addition of initial variable saving functions
-- Expansion of critical checks to more Hunter options

Version 0.03
-- Initial version ported from prior code

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