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Gives shamans a cooldown counter for their reincarnation ability.

Ankh Cooldown Timer
Originally by Starforce (
Continued by Phanx (

Gives shamans a timer for their reincarnation ability

Version 1.7.0

This is a standalone addon for World of Warcraft. It can be used in pure textmode,
but it also has a GUI counter that can be turned on or off. It also plugs in with
Titan Panel.


* Visible timer for your Reincarnation ability.

* Movable GUI box that can be enabled/disabled.

* Plugs in with TitanPanel.

* Keeps track of how many ankhs you have.

* Can display cooldown info in ankh tooltips.

* Remembers the date and time you last reincarnated.


1. Extract the folder into World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns
2. If installing for the first time, you must exit and restart the game.
If upgrading, you may either exit and restart, or simply type "/console reloadui" in-game.


Type "/ankhct" or "/act" in-game to get a list of available commands!


Version 1.7.0:
* Changed cooldown routine to use Blizzard's new timer.

Version 1.6.3:
* Added support for Totem of Rebirth relic.

* Fixed incorrect cooldown being shown on initial load.

Version 1.5.0:
* Updated for 1.11

* Fixed bug with cooldown resetting when zoning

* Added "/act ready" slash command

Version 1.4.1:
* Improved reincarnation for the frenchies is now fixed.
Problem was with the translation so blame Zulbukh ;).
He was the one who noticed and reported it too though,
great thanks to my baguette eating friend!

Version 1.4.0:
* Cooldown in the ankhs tooltip is now possible. Works for
normal bags aswell as with AllInOneInventory

* Fixed german support. The improved reincarnation abilty
was bugged for the germans. Thanks to fukz for pointing
this out and for suggesting a fix!

* Updated .toc version to 1700 as it works perfect with the
latest patch

* Note that the toggle argument changed (used to toggle the
gui box) to togglegui. New argument added: toggletooltip

Version 1.3.2:
* Fixed the frensh support :P

Version 1.3.1:
* Added french support (thanks to Zulbukh)

Version 1.3.0:
* Added an ankh-icon to the Titan Bar

* Added menu for the Titan Bar

Version 1.2.0:
* Really fixed the improved reincarnation bug. I had to re-
spec so now i know it's ok. (pls send me gold)

* Might be some more minor thing, can't remember.

Version 1.1.0:
* Fixed improved reincarnation bug. Should work now.

* Fixed the problem with the GUI box showing after re-log
even though it was turned off

Thanks to nrankin on for pointing this out
and finding the improved reincarnation bug. I'm not a resto-
shaman so i trust him that he solved it. (it was a spelling
error on a variable)

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