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Tracks Party Casting via Sky and displays it on their party frame.

MCom provides several functions designed to lower the amount of code required to make an addon be configurable. It helps to handle the things that need to go on to handle user input, either via console or via some GUI(like Cosmos or Khaos).

It aims mainly at tasks that are repeated in multiple places in every addon. Any addon that wants to have chat commands needs a chat handler, and functions for each command it can accept. It also needs functions for updating the variables that have to do with configuration. Addons may also need wrapper functions for a GUI interface. They may also need to have multiple registers to support multiple GUIs, such as Cosmos and Khaos.

These things are all handled by MCom either by registering with it for such functions, or by calling functions that do the repetative part.

Have a look at the source code of MCom.lua for detailed comment explainations for usage of all MCom functions.

--Installation Info--
MCom is designed to be embeded inside addons, users should not need to get MCom, it is only for developers.
To use MCom in your addon, simply copy the MCom folder into your addon. Modify your toc file to have an optional dependancy on MCom, and add an include to your toc file for it, like this: MCom\MCom.xml

Optional: Sea, Sky, Cosmos, Khaos, myAddOns

--Author Info--
By: Mugendai

--Change Log--
-Added ability to pass most strings as a function that returns a string, or as a variable name, to allow for better locale support.
-Updated for 1.10
-proper support for converting from non-html characters to html characters(will fix broken help screens such as Archeologists)
-added reglist.helpname, to allow specification of the name to show in the automatically generated slash command help frame.
-will no longer pass true to MCOM_SIMPLET when hasBool is not true
-fixed a bug with uisliderfunc
-fixed a bug with display of example values for some option types
-now supports MCOM_SIMPLET having a boolean value as well
-Updated for 1.9
-fixed a bug in display of colors in help text
-updated for Sea 1.1
-will now convert non HTML text sent to textFrame, in to HTML, and format it to fit the frame without being truncated
-textFrame can now handle links. By default it will handle item links in the normal way, but the hyperlink function can be set to do whatever
-automatically generated slash command help dialogs will now allow the user to click the subcommand to have the slash and subcommand put into the chat entry box. This however is buggy due to a game bug, that will be fixed in 1.9
-Improved help coloring
-Fixed a bug with defaults and disabled states of dropdowns and text frames
-Updated tooltip parsers to use IsShown instead of IsVisible
-Synched Sea functions and wrappers
-Now uses an embeded SeaHooks(in non Cosmos versions)
-Help window now refreshes when an option changes
-Can now click on values in the help window to change them
-textFrame can now be replaced with new text if passed the same id
-updated myAddOns support
-fixed behavior of multi choice options
-slash command help can now display headers and option labels
-mcomtable can now be used to pass multiple registers in one call to smartRegister, as well as to pass default values to the registrations in the table
-safeLoad now works more appropriately with the new per addon settings methodology
-Updated for 1.8 patch
-Updated the Sea unhook wrapper to match up with 1.05
-Updated the Sea hook wrapper to match up with 1.04
-Added support for new myAddOns version 2.2, this includes new variables for date, author, email, etc...
NOTE: For your addon to work properly with myAddOns the uisec, or uiseclabel used to register with MCom for myAddOns must be identical to the name in the TOC file. You can use reglist.addonname to force this if neccisary.
-Fixed bug where uiname was not being imported for slash command output when no slash command name was given
-Fixed a bug where an error would occur, if Sea didn't exist
-Signifigantly improved the appearance of the TextFrame dialog used for displaying help info
-Fixed case-insensitive setting of choice/pulldowns from slash commands
-Fixed Khaos option set usage even more, was missing several options
-Fixed default and disabled states of checkboxes, and pulldowns
-Added uidep for setting Khaos dependencies
-Updated for 1.7 patch
-Updated the hook handler to match current Sea version in the since that it properly returns for normal functions, as well as handles event hooks
-Added anyupdate which works like update and noupdate, but occurs whether or not the variable was updated, on an attempted update
-Fixed Khaos optionset registration to work as it should. You can now pass MCom options in the initial registration of a khaos optionset, and those options will be applied to all options in the khaos optionset
-Opacity values will now show as 100% if they are nil
-Fixed MCOM_CHOICET/K_PULLDOWN to work properly now
-Added default Khaos feedback messages for all option types
-Fixed ability to pass uisetup
-Slider min and max are now only set if the option is a slider type
-Added ability to set an unput box's callOn, via uicallon
-addSlashCom and addSlashSubCom now accept min and max values for display purposes for numbers
-textFrame will now default to having a black background if no material is passed, this also applies to the help and slashcommand list display, should be easier to read now
-Slash command help will now display the minimum and maximum values of number options
-number and choice types will now show valid examples if available
-Added a couple more Sea wrapper functions to handle some of the new stuff:
MCom.math.hexFromInt, MCom.string.colorToString
-Fixed a bug in updateUI that would make it not work when updating a single subcommand
-Fixed importing of difficulty from a Khaos option
-cominmul will now be set based on commul if commul was passed and cominmul was not
-If a Cosmos option type is passed in to a Khaos setup, if no func was passed but uifunc was, a func for slash commands will be generated using the uifunc
-UISection was being improperly handled in the case of imported Cosmos options, this is fixed now.
-The list of safeLoad configs will now be deleted once no longer needed
-Added a new function safeLoad, which will store the current table based config variable as defaults, and will then load in the these defaults to any entries that got set to nil on VARIABLES_LOADED
-German localization has been updated thanks to StarDust
-Help button will now inherit difficulty from the option it is registered with.
-Updated to 1600
-New function registerVarsLoaded, replacement for registerForLoad. The new function will call the callback passed whether there is a UI or not, and will pass what method of load occured.
-registerForLoad, and varsLoaded are now depricated
-Improved the appearance of the help screen, by changing the default look to "Stone"
-Added textname to smartRegister, used to specify the name to show in slash command output. This can be used instead of textbool, textnum, etc...
-commul will now properly effect display of slash output
-commul added to slash command registration
-Added ability to choose the material for textFrame(changes the look of the frame, default is now stone instead of parchment)
-Added ability to choose the scaling of the text in textFrame, defaults to 85% normal size
-frameStatus now properly handles being closed
-Localized On/Off in slash commands
-The slash command help will now show the current state of all sub slash commands, and is also reformated in what is hopefully an easier to read form
-In the case that a command was registered, without registering for Cosmos at the same time, the uivar did not get properly converted to have COS_ in it, in the case that it didn't already have it. This is now fixed, so long as Cosmos is found, and Khaos is not, COS_ will be added to uivar if it isn't there.
-Added defaults for uimul and commul
-Improved slash command help
-Added textshow to registerSmart, if true, then the text will be printed even if there is a UI
-printStatus now has an extra argument, show, if true, then the text will be printed even if there is a UI
-Added callHook, runs the origional of a hooked function
-Added missing MCom.util.hookHandler, Sea wrapper, and revamped hook wrappers
-Updated to use Legorols new string variable code, and split code, when it isn't evailable in Sea. Instead of my code that required storing of the functions, for GC efficiency
-Renamed stringToVar to getStringVar for consistancy, stringToVar is still available as an alias, for comptability
-Added support for myAddOns
-stringToVar and setStringVar now have an option to store the function, for improved GC handling
-Improved stringToVar and setStringVar
-Added stringVarToGetFunc and stringVarToSetFunc, which are like stringToVar and setStringVar, but instead, they return a function, that you can call to get or set. The reason for this is that origional functions have to generate GCs.. while the functions the new functions returns, don't. So you use these functions to get function, and store those functions and use them. I think I explained this better in the code comments.
-Fixed bugs with registering for load in Khaos
-Added a new function textFrame which displays the passed text in a multipage scrollable dialog
-Slash command help is now shown in a dialog
-Added ability to pass info for setting up a help dialog to smartRegister, see infotext
-Fixed a few bugs here and there, mostly with slash commands, and slash command output.
-Added a set of functions to facilatate in storing/loading variables on a per realm, per character basis, for when no UI is available. The functions are designed with the notion that it's best to use the UI if it is there, and have convience to avoid messing with any UI behavior. It for instance makes it very simple to not even load any vars at all if the UI isn't around. Any mod that uses this, has to do the registering and waiting for correct data, and calling the storage and loading, etc themselves, this is not a full on system, just convience functions.

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