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The core of Atlas is basically an image viewer. However, it's the images that come with Atlas that make it worthwhile - a map for every instance in the game.

After installing Atlas, you'll notice a new icon on the minimap that looks like part of a little globe (you can right-click the icon to drag it around the minimap's frame). Click this icon to open up the main Atlas window, which displays the maps and legend. You can alternatively use the slash-command "/atlas". The drop-downs at the top of the window enable you to navigate between the maps. You can also drag the Atlas window around the screen. Lock it in place with the little lock button in the upper-right corner.

Atlas also has a built-in plugin system. Below you can find the plugins that are included with this download. The plugins have to be installed as separate addons but won't work unless you've got Atlas installed.

- AtlasLoot: provides a loot table for each boss.
- AtlasQuest: displays the quests associated with each instance.

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