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When Chronometer is enabled, BigWigs doesnt shows any bars, but still working. They both using Candybar or something like that. Can it be fixed?

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Troubleshooting with Spectrum Error code on Roku

 The channel can be restarted again if you come across an error
 The user must be aware of the system that the username and the password could be re-checked
 The user can verify the connection with the Device
 Moreover, the user can reload and refresh the System.
 The system can be unplugged and the batteries can be replaced.
 Another possible solution can be a total uninstallation of the App after the error code hits the screen.
 The user can try Rebooting the device for better network connections
 In addition to that, the user may check the Roku account for any mishappenings
 The error that prevailed the system could be sue to the software bugs, hence the system should be thoroughly verified.

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Troubleshooting Tips to fix Spectrum Errors
RLC 1000 Error Code
1.The RLC 1000 Error Code this exception you may receive as you stream the Spectrum TV channel on your Roku streamer. Usually, the cause of this Spectrum TV error code RLC-1000 is mainly due to multiple stream overlapping.
2.In order to resolve this RLC 1000 Error Code, you can choose the connection as Spectrum TV as the TV provider. This you can perform by navigating to the entertainment section available under the Spectrum TV App menus. You can utilize the amalgam entertainment concept in procuring the Spectrum TV channel on your Roku streamers.
For more information related to Error code issues like RLC 1000, Elevate spectrum TV Error, WUC-1002 and spectrum app not working on roku just visit this blog

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