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mouseover macro support for popular unitframes (clique)

Developed by Vallan on:

Classic Mouseover (CM) is an addon that enables mouseover macro functionality for unit frames and allows them to be key bound normally. CM borrows heavily from Clique.

Supported Unitframes
* ag_UnitFrames
* Blizzard Raid Frames and Units Frames
* Blizzard Units
* Grid & GridEnhanced
* PerfectRaid
* sRaidFrames
* XeekUI
* XPerl (Player Pet and Assist Frame don't work)
* More Upon Request

Simply make a macro like show below, substituting the spell name specific to your macro and bind it to an appropriate key.

Max Rank Example
/cmcast Dispel Magic

Specific Rank Example
/cmcast Dispel Magic(Rank 1)



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