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In May 2018 FortiGuard Labs reported that the WICKED botnet tries to connect to port 8080 and, if successful, tries to exploit a flaw in Netgear DGN1000 and DGN2200 v1 routers from October 2017. Test TCP port 8080.
The WICKED botnet also tries to connect to port 8443, and if successful, tries to exploit a flaw in Netgear R7000 and R6400 routers from March 2017. Test TCP port 8443.
March 2018: Devices running Cisco Smart Install client have TCP port 4786 open by default. It should not be exposed to the Internet, yet over 8 million devices have this port open (see the March 2018 section of the Router Bugs page for more. There was a critical flaw in the Smart Install software. Test TCP port 4786.

MikroTik routers leave TCP port 2000 open by default. It was abused by botnets in DDoS attacks in January 2018. The port is used for bandwidth testing and the company says to disable it in production. Test TCP port 2000.

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