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Herb spawning points and timers

Patch Notes:
Added respawn times for the different nodes.
Code restructure to allow individual respawn times.

Fixed an issue with the time check where it would return a negative due to there being no date mechanic in vanilla.
I really hope this is the last thing I have to fix..

Added support for other UI scales than the one I'm using :P

Fixed a very minor issue with the reset function. Afaik everything is now working as intended, so it is probably the last tweak to the program code itself. All that remains is localizing :)
Version History file added to the folder (the changes prior to v0.3.0 is not certaily in the right place, I'm just tryin to show what I've done so far, I will add no changes prior 1.0.1 as 1.0.0 is the earliest release I've done and the changes have been massive up until that point).

Fixed the issue with parsing the messages recieved from the "CHAT_MSG_ADDON" event making a new table of string keys where there should be integers. Simply put, tonumber() was able to fix the oversight on my part.

Now every menu object is ready to be localized.

Added a new options menu with buttons for opening the already existing Filter Options menu that has been moved to only be openable through this button, aswell as allowing users to reset configurations and delete all the saved data.

Every output and object are now ready to be localized.

Added a Filter Options menu.
Communication between clients now ignore the use of different names, eg. the names of the herbs within the tables have been changed to the values of the GFNodeStrings table.
Most things are now ready to be localized.

Added a localization file.



Magnificent module. However, with two devices there were issues. The support picked me up immediately and tackled my concern.

I think this is an informative post and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article

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