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Developed by Two on Nostalrius forums:

Sadly having an addon that extends the Blizzard ignore list is mandatory on this server. Since I could not find any such addon for Vanilla, I took ImprovedIgnore and modified it to work with 1.12.1 and added a few more features.Features:

  • Unlimited ignore list size.
  • Smart handling of Party/Raid chat and whispers, so you can still see ignored players in these channels if you want.
  • Specifically written on and for Nostalrius.

Missing features (aka ToDo):

  • Graphical interface
  • Automatic blocking of invites and duels
  • Localization - This currently only works on English client.

Commands:/ii help - displays help/ii status - displays current settings/ii whisper <allow/deny/remove> - What to do if you whisper to an ignored player (allow, deny or remove from ignore list)/ii add <player> <reason> - adds a player to the ignore list with an optional reason/ii remove <player> - removes a player from the ignore list/ii list - lists all players currently on your ignore list/ii allow <channel> - Bypasses ignore list on this channel (default: Party, Raid, Raid Leader, Officer)/ii deny <channel> - Also block on this channel if ignored (default: all channels but above)Note: You can shift-click on any name in any chat window while chatting to copy the name into your current line. So "/ii add <shift-click on name>" would result in something like "/ii add Superspammer".If you encounter any bugs, please file an issue on GitHub:



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