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LazyPig Multibox


useful multiboxing functions

--== _LazyPigMultibox 1.12.1 Wow Multiboxing Project ==--

If you have any idea how to improve code or manual section feel free to contribute to this project. More detailed info can be found in _LazyPigMultibox/Manual directory.

--==Version 1.0

read general_info.txt

--==Version 2.0

_LazyPig Multibox is now optimized to use with Warlock, Shaman, Paladin and Priest classes - best script support

1) General Improvements

Greatly Improved GUI
SmartBuff support
Fast and Normal healing modes
Better Event Handler
2) Introduced Sniper Mode (to enable you have to check IMPROVED TARGETING and ACTIVE ENEMY ONLY or ACTIVE NPC ENEMY ONLY)

thanks to Sniper Mode we have better pet control in the group, every pet can attack diffrent target using "LazyPigMultibox_SPA" - Expert Mode function or "LPM PET ATTACK" - Novice Mode macro described below
more about Expert and Novice Mode - using_macros_part1.txt

3) added four new functions for best macro efficiency

LazyPigMultibox_SPA(slave_master_name, icon_index, modifier) --selective pet attack
LazyPigMultibox_SFL(slave_master_name, task, duration, modifier) -- selective function launch
LazyPigMultibox_SCS(slave_master_name, spell_name, duration, mana, modifier) -- selective cast spell
LazyPigMultibox_SUB(slave_master_name, modifier) --selective unit buff

to use function above you have to enable Sniper Mode(check point 2)

check using_macros1.txt file for more info
examples available in _MyCustomFuntions.lua file
4) optimized or added new spells for Paladin, Shaman and Warlock

Warlock(Drain Soul, Drain Life, Curse of Agony, Curse of Shadows(unique spell), Corruption, Siphon Life, Sacrifice, Suffering, Life Tap, Fel Domination)

Paladin(Judgement, Seal of wisdom(unique spell), Judgement of wisdom(unique spell), Flash of light, Divine Favor, Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield, Lay on Hands, Hammer of wrath)

Shaman(Mana Tide Totem, Nature's Swiftness, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Earth Shock)

5) added new macros for Paladin and Warlock(remember to use macro create button in LPM GUI)

6) Introduced Unique Spell mechanism for certain classes(only one uinque option can be selected for each class in the group - multiple addon instances


Paladin: casting judgement of wisdom - on enemies with health 4x > ours - bosses, hard elites etc..
Paladin: reverse resurrection - avoid resurrecting same player by other multiboxed healers in the group
Shaman: reverse resurrection
Warlock: Curse of Shadow
7) Greatly Improved LPM TARGET macro

each use toggles between lowest and highest hp target
enemy attacking group member prio targeting
asspull protection(do not target ooc enemies while you are in combat)
8) Greatly improved manual section


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