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manage SWStats and KTM in one addon

Created by minikN on wow-one forums:

What does it do?

• Left click on title ("Meters") -> Toggle (show/hide) SWStats and KTM windows at once.
• Right click on title ("Meters") -> show menu (first picture)

• Damage - Show Console -> shows the SWStats console
• Damage - Show General Options -> shows SWStats general option window
• Damage - Show Sync Settings -> shows SWStats sync settings
• Damage - Show Timeline -> shows SWStats timeline

• Threat - Show General Options -> shows KTM general option window
• Threat - Toggle view -> toggles between self and raid view
• Threat - Clears Threat Data -> clears your threat data and commands all other raid members to do the same (You need to be Raid leader or assistant)
• Threat - Sets Main Target -> Sets your current target to the main target

• Reset Data -> Resets both KTM and SWStats data at once
• Update Groupinfo is bugged right now

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