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Yesterday I shit myself on camera for 26 old dudes who bid 50 on stream that I wouldn't, jokes on them I was already planning doing it and they fell for one of my classic blunders once again. No more liberal safe spaces to hide them from my monster dumps that my horribly disfigured and malnurished interior creates by the gallon. A sort of heinous liquid that is both slimey and chunky, a juxtaposition that few would enjoy. Fortunately those in the chat did, and bet another 50 that I wouldn't take load my then full diaper in the super soaker my mom gave me for Christmas and slam a liquid slosh into my brothers mouth. He was asleep but not when he woke up the shock was palpable to me, just like the corn was to him. Overall easiest 100 I've ever made and gained 2 subs, really made my night. Fortunately I told Mom I was gonna be streaming so she wasn't too upset but either way the day after was a hard cleanup job as my toungue was pretty dry from the soap I had to eat for calling my faggot brother a "shit eater - baby beater" (referring to his surprise abortion, not a great mother's day gift)

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