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Description taken from Curse:

This addon when triggered will either stealth, unstealth, vanish or mount and dismount you pending on certain variables. If one is mounted, and the the addon is triggered, one will dismount. Upon triggering the addon once again if the player is out of combat and not stealth, they will stealth. If the player is already stealthed, and out of combat, they will unstealth, however; if they are in combat, they will vanish.

To get back on your mount, you need to press the assigned key in combination with the shift key. In other words, if you assigned the "End" Key; to mount again you'll have to do Shift-End. To assign a key, use the system provided by the game to bind a key.

In addition to this, it will dismount you once open the flight path book. No more pesky, "You are already on a mount" message.

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