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Clean up default action bars

Developed by mazzay on Nostalrius forums:

StellarBars is an action bar mod that modifies WoW's default action bars. This is for those who like the basic action bars, but just want to tweak it a bit. Look elsewhere if you want more.

How to use:
Options: "/stellarbars", see interface options, or click the micro-buttons background (several options may not take full effect until after a login/reloadui)



Needs a fix for the lag bar positioning, it is sitting across the XP bar

If you want the lag bar positioning fixed, all you need to do is modify your Stellarbars.lua file (usually located at '\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\StellarBars'. Search for 'MainMenuBarPerformanceBarFrame:SetPoint' and simply change "BOTTOMRIGHT" to "BOTTOM".

the look is this correct or not and if correct can I use this without semicolons, before this and after again colon. q=int(input("this is not a positive number,try again: ")) except for ValueError: please explain more things like jss, javascript, and front-end and back end, please...

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