WoW classic addon library



Local File: 
damage meters


added mousewheel scrolling support


Unzip downloaded archive and you'll see following directory structure:

  • SW_Stats-Vanilla
    • SW_Stats
    • SW_FixLogStrings
    • FuBar_SWStatsFu

Move all 3 folders to your World of Warcraft Interface\Addons directory, so new directory structure is like this:

  • WoW installation directory
    • Interface
      • AddOns
        • SW_Stats
        • SW_FixLogStrings
        • FuBar_SWStatsFu

Addon description

SW Stats (named after guild Shadow Warrior) is a damage/heal (and more) meter addon designed to be very customizable in what you want to see with a built-in Sync channel that is running in the background. The design here is especially geared towards raid groups, but also has useful info for soloers. (A few of my testers respecced after seeing the numbers). Want to know which healer in your raid healed which target? Or want to know by whom your MT was healed and for how much? Want a pure damage list or heal list? Want to know what the main school (fire, ice etc.) was that your raid made damage with, or was damaged by? Want to know what skills that guy used? Want to know if that mob mainly did arcane or fire damage? AND do you want a lot of this info synced IN-Fight ? you found SW Stats :)

In tests it has shown that about 5 people running this addon in a raid are enough to get good numbers, no more "to far away it didn't see your damage/heal" crap, if more people have it installed it's even better. By default this Addon has an English and German localization, but it should work with any other language (feedback on that is very welcome).

Quickstart: Install SW Stats, click on the Icon anchored to the Minimap, or use /sws bars (/sws balken with the German client). Hit something, heal somebody and play around with the Settings (S) (or (E) with the German client.)

Type /sws ? to see a summary of available commands. You won't need most of them. What is important though is that all reporting functions write to the console, not the chat channel.

2.0 beta 8


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