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save & load your common Talent Specs with just one click

Developed by LYQ on Nostalrius forums:

With this World of Warcraft AddOn you can save your current Talent Specs and if you have to reset to switch to another spec you can easily let the AddOn load the saved template.

It was created for situations like during the raid, when you have to switch your spec for one Boss only so you don't have that much time and you don't want to look up your saved talent specs so you don't make mistakes while speccing in a hurry. It was initially created for my ViroUI pack but due to popular demand I released it independently.




I personally like your post, you have shared good article. It will help me in great deal.

A very good program! Although I use it not so long, I liked it right away! But first things first. Find and download it is not difficult. It’s enough to drive its name into the search engine and open the first link.

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