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Original forum thread:

Make easy and fast Healing Assignments, post them in class-colors!

all assignments are auto-saved - even if youre log out or alt-f4!

important for nostalrius: Posting delay (slow post mode) depends on serverlag - i managed to have 190ms, but save value is 300-500ms!

addon has been tested by Murlocbrigade Silberwald on nost so far.

How to use


0. Open the Addon


you can left-click on the minimap icon to open the addon - you can also open it by /vha menu


1. Add Template


You can create custom templates (max. 15) for your assignments. Its usefull to have a Template for: Thrash, Special Bosses
or Raiddungeons! You can delete all Templates by clicking on the [X] Button!


2. Add Dropdowns


You can Add Tank- and Healer-Dropdowns by clicking on "Add Tank" and "Add Healer" Buttons. The Healer
Dropdown will be added to the latest Tank Dropdown, so make sure you dont make mistakes during adding Healers

you cant go back to last Tank to add more Healers!


3. Assign your Healers and Tanks


You can assign Healers and Tanks by clicking on the Dropdown Button and choosing the Player! Offline Players will be
displayed as Gray, Players that left he raid will be displayed as green or red!


4. Post and reset Assignments


If you are done with your assignments, you can post these in the healer channel by clicking on the + Icon or right-click
the minimap icon (adddon can be closed)


this will look like this (with colors on):


as you can see, offline players will be posted as gray, players not in raid or custom text will be posted as green, all
others will be posted in class colors!

You can reset your assignments by clickon on [Reset] button


Bonus Features and Options


Death Warnings



You can enable Death Warnings by clicking on the CheckBox in menu. This will enable the auto-posting report of death
assigned healers. This can be usefull if you have at some critical bosses like Battleguard Sartura (AQ40).

Postings will look like this (colors enabled):


you can config auto-post channel and colors in options menu!




The Sync Function enables sharing of your templates and assignments with other addon users. Enable it by clicking on the
checkbox. The [Sync!] Button will trigger all Vanilla Healing Assignment Addon users to share their Data (templates and
assignments)! You have full access (you can add and delete templates) to the copy of players profiles! You can choose the profile
by clicking on the profile-dropdown!

You can delete profiles by clicking on [X] Button - there is a max. of 10 profiles!


Options - Additional Tanks


You can assign different classes (besides warriors) as tanks by enable it in options menu. You can also add custom text as


This will look like this:


Options - Bottom Text


You can edit the Bottom Text (standard is: "Rest: Raidheal") in options menu.


This will look like this in posting:


Options - Slow Post


Some Servers have Spam Filter, wich will you silence after you post x-lines too fast. You can enable the slow-post function
that will do breaks between posting lines (standard is 500 ms = 0.5 sec.)


Its recommended to test out how fast you can post without getting silence!

Repost and Whispers


Players in your raid can trigger you to auto-repost or a re-whsiper of their asignments.

if a healer will whisper you "!heal" you will answer him his assigned tank - if a tank will whisper you
"!heal" you will answer him his assigned healers!


"!repost" will trigger a repost of the assignments:


Macros and Keybinds


you can make macros - check out /vha

keybinds are possible - check out blizzards keybind menu and look for Vanilla Healing Assignments



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